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Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor is a game that is part of the ‘My Secret Neighbor’ game series that is commonly advertised on TV. The game is $1.99 and the game is usually downloaded on the app store. The game is only 1.6 GB and is compatible with most devices that are running on iOS 6.0 and upwards.


The graphics are not perfect and there are some glitches in the Secret Neighbor. The glitches can be seen in the introduction of the game and when you are playing the game. For instance, there can be a pop up in the middle of the game screen.


The game starts off with a tutorial to help the players. The tutorial is not really necessary but it is helpful. The game is easy and simple to play.


The controls are easy to use and to understand. You can switch between the game modes by pressing the top right button. The controls are easy to use and you can easily switch between the game modes.


The Secret Neighbor game is easy to play and there are many different modes that are offered. The game modes include a free mode, a story mode, and a high score mode. The Secret Neighbor game mode offers different variations and it is not really a replayable game.


Overall, the Secret Neighbor is not perfect and the game can be glitchy. The game is also not very replayable.


  • It is a colorful, interactive game
  • It has a story line
  • It has a variety of games


  • The game may be too difficult for younger children
  • The game may be too dangerous for younger children


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor
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