Can Playing Video Games Make You a Better Person?

  • 17-04-2021 |
  • Polad Aladi

Games are defined as a form of art, so it is not surprising, they are more than a hobby. It is a profession in which can be developed by anyone who has the talent. If you want to prove this, my advice is to start playing the games of story, which are so popular today in modern society.

The main characteristic of these games is that they have a story that is not the same every time.

In this way, each player can make their own strategy to solve the situation and save the world from the enemies or the evil forces that threaten humanity.

Although the games have a scenario, the story itself remains the same. The only difference is the way in which each player chooses to complete the goal. This is the great advantage of these games: they are very addictive because they have a story and you have to control what happens in the game.

A player is called a gamer, and the gamer is someone who chooses to play games. These games require a lot of intelligence and dedication on the part of the player and have a lot of challenges.

Gamers are people who like challenges and are not afraid to use their brains to solve problems.

In addition to the fact that they like challenges, they give a lot of importance to the story, because they want to know how the game will end.

They do not like to lose and always want to know everything about the game.

The players are always in competition with each other and want to be the champion.

They are very competitive, but they are not hostile with other players. They have a lot of respect for the players who fight with them.

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They are very generous and altruistic. They will do anything to help other people.

They are not very much focused on their personal interest and they will not use people for their own good.

They are very curious and they want to know everything about the game.

They are persistent. They are not discouraged even when they face many obstacles.

They are very patient. They do not judge anyone and they treat everyone with respect. They are not very much interested in the past of the people they meet.

They are very intelligent and they have great potential. They are not very much interested in money.

They are idealistic and they want to make the world a better place for everyone.

If you want to become a better person, you should definitely start playing games, because they will help you to develop those characteristics.

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